St Columb's College
Physical Education



To offer our pupils a range of sports as part of the Physical Education curriculum and as extra-curricular activities. 
To enhance the development of their motor, cognitive and affective skills through a programme of experiences in Physical Education. 
To make the pupils aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how participation in sport can contribute to a healthy mind in a healthy body. 

Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pupils have  two periods (70 minutes) per week for Physical Education and followed the Physical Education programmes of study, with the exception of Year 8 who have four periods per week.  
G.C.S.E. Physical Education is offered in Key Stage 4.  
A.S. and A2 Physical Education are offered to Year 13/14 pupils. 

Year 13 &14 A Level Physical Education students are offered the opportunity to attain recognised coaching and officiating status in Soccer & GAA. 

All pupils were given the opportunity to play the following sports during the Physical Education lessons:-

Athletics ,Gymnastics ,Table-tennis ,Badminton ,Hurling ,Tennis ,Basketball ,Rugby ,Volleyball ,Cricket ,Soccer ,Weight training ,Cross-Country ,Swimming ,Orienteering ,Gaelic ,Life Saving Skills, Golf 
The school has representative teams in Cross-Country, Athletics, Soccer, Gaelic Football, Basketball, Golf, Swimming, Rugby Union and Hurling


1 3G Pitch (11-a-side soccer/13-a-side Gaelic) 
1 Large Sports Hall. 
1 Small Sports Hall
2 x Multi-gymnasia
1 All-weather area 
2 Soccer pitches and 2 training areas for small sided games 
1 Rugby pitch and 1 training area. 
1 Gaelic pitch (with two small pitches marked across it). 
4 Tennis courts. 


  • Eamonn Burns
  • Paul McGarry
  • Ciaran Stevenson
  • Michael McLaughlin
  • Mark Scoltock
  • James Green

Courses Offered

KS3 Physical Education
GCSE Physical Education
A Level Physical Education