St Columb's College
ICT & Digital Technology


Welcome to the ICT and Digital Technology department. Our desire is to prepare pupils with the knowledge and skills for this ever-changing digital world. The department is an innovative department that incorporates the concepts of e-learning and independent learning within the classroom.

Our aim is to support the school's primary aim: to promote in each pupil the fullest Christian development of which he is capable. We also strive to ensure that our pupils are achieving their full potential within ICT or Digital Technology at all times.

Key Stage 3 ICT

The effective use of ICT plays a central role in all subjects. To use ICT effectively, pupils need to know the technical tools available to them and be able to use those tools to the best of their ability. Year 8, 9 and 10 pupils will receive two lessons of ICT per week. Pupils complete the following units of work within their ICT lessons:

Year 8

  • Internet Safety
  • Files and folders management
  • Mini Sphero
  • Word processing and email
  • Scratch Technology
  • Multimedia presentation
  • Spreadsheets
  • MicroBits

Year 9

  • Internet Safety
  • Files and folders management
  • Minecraft Edu
  • Word processing
  • Email

Year 10

  • Internet Safety
  • Files and folders management
  • Google Sites
  • Scratch Technology
  • Python


  • Mrs L Hegarty
  • Miss L McErlaine
  • Miss L McCrory
  • Miss L Smyth
  • Mr M Scoltock

Courses Offered

GCSE Digital Technology
A-Level Digital Technology
A-Level IT