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Home Economics


All pupils in Year 8 and Year 9 study Home Economics. The integrated approach adopted by the subject affords pupils the opportunity to explore inter-relationships between diet and health, the family and choice and management of resources.  Pupils develop a wide range of skills and experiences through practical and theory lessons which allow for active participation, critical thinking and decision making.  Group and paired work are widely used in Home Economics, so pupils develop their social skills and see the benefits of teamwork.  The practical element allows pupils to create an outcome within their lesson; leading to an immediate sense of achievement thus building self-esteem and confidence.

In Key Stage 4 pupils can continue to study a GCSE in Occupational Studies. It aims to help you prepare for working and adult life by developing employability and independent living skills. It emphasises learning by doing, with a focus on transferable skills that learners will need in a changing and dynamic working environment. The Home Economics Department offer two learning pathways for this qualification 'Patisserie and Baking' and 'Comtemporary Cuisine'.

At Key Stage 5 pupils are offered AS and A2 Single Award Health and Social Care as an option.  GCSE and A Level subjects are delivered via CCEA examination board.

Post-16 Curriculum Enrichment - Cooking for University
This practical course is offered to students in Year 13 and provides knowledge on essential cookery skills, nutiriton and budgeting that encourages independent living. It is a 7 week course where pupils prepare and cook a range of nutritious meals in that time. Pupils will learn tips about purchasing ingredients, storing food safely and how to be economical when planning and preparing food.


  • Mrs C Browne (Co-ordinator)
  • Ms S O'Donnell
  • Mrs J McQuillan

Courses Offered

Year 8 & 9 Home Economics
KS3 Home Economics 
GCSE Occupational Studies
A Level Health and Social Care
Post-16 Curriculum Enrichment Cooking for University