Technology and Design encompasses a wide range of skills and knowledge which pupils will apply to a range of design and make activities in the classroom.

The subject aims to develop the pupils’ knowledge in the areas of product design, materials and processes, manufacturing, mechanisms, and computer control. Central to all teaching is the acquisition of the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities including problem-solving, being creative, working with others, self-management. The practical nature of the subject provides real opportunities for pupils to nurture these skills in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

Members of the Department

  • Mr S Donnelly (Head of Subject)
  • Miss M McWilliams
  • Mrs L Murray
  • Miss E O'Donnell
  • Mr F Wilson (Technician)

The subject is studied by all pupils at KS3 and it is optional at GCSE and A’ level. At present we have 6 classes at GCSE level and 2 classes at AS/A2 level.

We are an extremely well resourced department with 3 systems rooms, 3 manufacturing rooms and 2 planning rooms. Two of the rooms are fully equipped with computers and laptops to assist the students with personal study and coursework. CAD/CAM resources also include a Laser cutter and a CNC router which in conjunction with the CAD/CAM software can help the pupils produce practical work of the highest quality.