To reflect the presence of Christ in all that we do and say and to recognise the presence of Christ in everyone.


The aims of the Religious Studies Department are:

  • To support the College's primary aim, to promote in each pupil the fullest Christian development of which he is capable.
  • To strengthen pupils' understanding of their Catholic faith and the religious traditions of other Christian denominations.
  • To provide opportunity for religious experience and to give practical examples of service, gentleness, forgiveness and humility.
  • To teach by precept and example, Christian responsibility for others, self and environment.
  • To develop in pupils a sense of belonging and of obligation to the various groups of which they are members so that they may grow in an environment of human interdependence and of co-operative spirit.
  • To develop a Christian tolerance towards other identities, cultures and marginal groups.
  • To encourage sensitivity to the beauty of creation and to recognise the contribution of the moral and spiritual domains.
  • To develop in pupils an awareness of the sanctity of human life as a prerequisite for the building of loving relationships.

Members of the Department

  • Mr Mark McConnellogue (Head of Subject)
  • Ms Ruth Byrne
  • Miss Lisa Doherty
  • Mrs J McLaughlin
  • Mrs C Crossley

The Curriculum

Key Stage Three

All pupils at Key Stage three follow the programmes of study from the Fully Alive Programme. These have been adjusted to allow students to develop an awareness of the importance of personal prayer and liturgical celebration. The Religious Studies programme provides opportunities for pupils to participate in the celebration of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.

Key Stage Four

Pupils in year 11 are currently studying the CCEA GCSE RE - module – Mark’s Gospel.

All students at Key Stage four study GCSE Religious Studies, AQA Specification Christianity.

In Year eleven students sit Unit 5 Mark’s Gospel and in Year 12 they complete Unit 4, Roman Catholicism and Ethics. For further information see the AQA Website

AS/A2 Level

Those students who study AS and A2 Religious studies follow the CEA Specification.

In Year 13 they study Unit 2, Acts of Apostles and Unit 5, The Celtic Church.

In Year 14, they study Unit A22 Acts, Galatians and 1Corinthians and A25, The Development and impact of the Celtic Church in the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries.



Pupils can attend a subject clinic every Thursday after school.

A revision class for year 12 GCSE RE takes place every Thursday after school.