The school library is a key facility within the college, providing a broad range of learning resources for the intellectual development of our pupils. It promotes independence and responsibility for acquiring knowledge and preparing for exams amongst our senior pupils and actively seeks to foster a love of literature at all Key Stages.

Our library is extensively stocked with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction resources, an impressive reference section and a wide variety of online subject specific resources available through the new ‘Eclipse’ library management system (available for all mobile and tablet devices). Additional to the literary resources available to pupils, we also have 10 laptops available as a bookable resource for use within the library.

There is a designated ‘Reading Room’ for Key Stage 3 pupils who visit the library weekly in Year 8 and fortnightly in Year 9, timetabled as part of their English classes. The Year 8 pupils are challenged, motivated and closely monitored through the ‘Accelerated Reader Programme’ which ensures that pupils are selecting books suited to their ability level. There is an active reward system in place and this ensures a healthy amount of competition!
We have also hosted many visiting authors including John Connelly and Colin Bateman and aim to match our visiting authors to the interests of our pupils.

The library is central to the promotion of literacy, independent learning and research skills which form the fundamental basis for successful academic achievement.