All year 8 and 9 pupils in St. Columb’s College study Home Economics as part of Key Stage 3 Learning for Life and Work. In Yr 8 this is taught on a carousel basis were all pupils experience 12 weeks of both Home Economics theory and practical lessons.

In Yr9 all pupils receive a double lesson of Home Economics a week. Pupils in Yr13 also have the opportunity through the “Enrichment Programme” to complete a 12 week “Cooking for University” course.

The following three concepts make up the programme of study at Key Stage 3:-

1) Healthy Eating – Exploring healthy eating provides opportunities to develop understanding required in the choice, planning, preparation and storage of food.

2) Home And Family Life – Exploring home and family life provides opportunities to understand the importance of the family as a caring unit.

3) Independent Living – Exploring independent living provides opportunities to understand the importance of becoming discerning consumers and effective managers of resources.

Our modern and well equipped classrooms provide the perfect environment for pupils to develop and enhance their practical cookery skills through the making of savoury dishes and sweet delights.