Members of the Department:

Mr Ryan Horner
Mrs Ann-Louise Kirby
Mrs Orla Gallagher
Ms Ruth Byrne

St Columb’s College Citizenship programme follows a pattern of development to enhance knowledge, skills and values. Year 8 looks at Diversity and Interdependence, Year 9 deals with Equality and Justice and Year 10 concentrates on Human Rights, Social Responsibility and Active Participation. 

The Year 8 and Year 9 programme is delivered through interactive i books whilst the Year 10 curriculum is delivered through interactive workbooks, involving a lot discussion and teamwork activities, inviting pupils to be open, enthusiastic and committed through active learning methodologies. A selection of Year 10 Citizenship classes complete Derry City Council's, ‘Prejudice Face On’ project, focusing on good relations issues, exploring sensitive areas such as prejudice, stereotyping, racism and homophobia, employing interactive exercises and ICT. The project culminates in a cluster day, whereby all participating schools come together, presenting their views on the project through an interactive presentation. 

Citizenship at Key Stage 4 is delivered in a number of ways, including a collapsed timetable day for all Year 11 where NGOs develop citizenship issues through workshops, the work of fundraising and charity awareness.

At post-16, ‘Youth Initiative’ works closely with pupils throughout the year, holding workshops in St Columb’s, helping our pupils deepen their respect and understanding for other cultures and traditions. A selection of pupils complete ‘Schools Together and Reconciliation Training,’ receiving a recognised Open College Network Level 2 accreditation. This helps our boys establish many cross-community friendships, experience new cultures and become very active in our schools and local communities. A selection of pupils are involved in the Erasmus International Exchange Project, travelling to Italy with Italian students in a once in a lifetime opportunity. Their experiences include participating in European Parliament scenarios, representing different political viewpoints such as the Liberals, Socialists, Conservatives and Eurosceptics.

St Columb’s is also involved in the ‘Global Learning Programme,’ starting our journey in 2015, further promoting ‘Education for a Fair and Sustainable World’ amongst pupils. Young people today are growing up in a rapidly changing and increasingly globalised world. They have a great interest in learning more about the world around them. The Global Learning Programme ensures this interest is nurtured and developed in the classroom. Over the next three years, hundreds of schools in Northern Ireland will be able to take part in the GLP to the benefit of thousands of pupils and we are proud to say that we were the first school to receive Level 1 status in this area.