Chemistry at St Columb’s College strives to provide it’s students with not only the information and skills to enable them to fulfil their potential in Chemistry at KS3, KS4 and KS5, but also to equip them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions on issues that deal with Chemistry that will affect their lives.

Members of the Department

  • Mr G Millar
  • Mrs A O'Kane
  • Mr N Finn (Head of Subject)
  • Mr G McCay
  • Mr N O Donnell
  • Mr M Mulhern (Technican)

At KS3 Chemistry is delivered as part of a balanced Science course to years 8, 9 and 10.

At GCSE, years 11 and 12, all students study the CCEA Double Award Science Specification.

Through studying CCEA GCSE Science (Double Award), [download spec] students gain knowledge and understanding of science and its power and limitations. In this course, students:

  • learn about scientific ideas, how they develop and the factors that may affect their development;
  • learn about the benefits and drawbacks of scientific and technological developments (including those related to the individual, the community and the environment);
  • consider science in relation to personal health, quality of life and ethical issues where appropriate;
  • gain experimental, investigative, problem-solving and team-working skills as they plan and carry out a range of investigations; and
  • have opportunities to develop numeric, communication and ICT skills as they critically evaluate data gained from investigations and present their results.

GCSE Science (Double Award) prepares students for further study and training. Many students with this qualification go on to study AS and GCE courses in Physics, Chemistry and/or Biology. Other students go on to complete Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education or Applied courses in science.

At A Level

Teaching of the revised GCE Chemistry specification began in September 2008. The specification has a modular structure and students are required to study three modules at each level. The modules are listed below and are all compulsory:

AS Level

AS 1: Basic Concepts in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

AS 2: Further Physical and Inorganic Chemistry and Introduction to Organic Chemistry

AS 3: Internal Assessment of Practical Skills in AS Chemistry

A2 Level

A2 1: Periodic Trends and Further Organic, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

A2 2: Analytical, Transition Metals and Further Organic Chemistry

A2 3: Internal Assessment of Practical Skills in A2 Chemistry

Chemistry is also studied in the Sixth Form as part of the AQA: Double Award Applied Science course: [download spec].

The fundamental philosophy of this specification is that, in order to understand the nature of science, students must actively experience the science environment. This is achieved through a variety of approaches including work experience, links with local employers, case studies and research.