The aim of Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) in St Columb’s College is to help students develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and experience of opportunities, to manage their own career development.  Empowering students to make relevant and informed choices; ensuring successful transition into education, training or employment with the expectation of becoming lifelong learners. Thus creating ‘A line of sight to work’.

'... learners need to be fully equipped with the skills, understanding, confidence and creativity needed for their future working lives.  Flexibility, information handling skills, knowing where work is available, and a commitment to lifelong learning are now essential requirements for entering the world of work...'


The CEIAG Department @ St Columb’s College

  • Mrs Stacey Beatty Head of Department
  • Ms Honor Sisk Deputy Head of Department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Mrs Lorraine Murray – Year 10 CEIAG (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Mr Ken Thatcher – Information, Advice and Guidance at Post 16

Year 13 CEIAG lessons are also delivered by: Mrs Margaret Burns, Mrs Patrice McConnell and Mrs Lorraine Hegarty.

The Key Stage 3 Experience

Year 8

Each pupil has Curriculum Enrichment lessons with integrated Employability elements throughout the programme.

All Year 8 are invited to attend the CEIAG after school club on Monday & Wednesday in the Careers Suite.

Year 9

All Year 9 pupils have Employability over 12 weeks through a Carousel timetable giving them a flavour of the skills and qualities needed to be a successful contributor to society.

Year 10 – Key Transition Point

All Year 10 pupils have timetabled Employability lessons in a year where they delve deeper into the features of Employability.

They receive CEIAG lessons – delivered in groups of 8 through the suspended timetable.  In a small group they meet and discuss how Careers Education and Information can help them and their future Personal Career Planning.

They receive impartial advice and support from the Careers Service NI and attend

‘Choice matters’ sessions on the different choices facing them when moving towards GCSE studies. Helping ensure pupils choose subjects which match their skills, capabilities and future career intentions.

There is also an Information evening for Parents at this Key transition point where parents are invited to speak with members of the CEIAG department regarding choices, options and decisions.

The Key Stage 4 Experience

Year 11

All year 11 pupils are active in the Year 11 Employability programme through a suspended timetable throughout the year.  They also get the opportunity to attend collapsed timetable events – Young Enterprise ‘learn to earn’; Whole school Enterprise week and ‘Focus on your future’ week.  They have the chance to attend a number of industrial visits and experience first-hand the world of work.

Years 12

All Year 12 pupils will have one timetabled lesson of CEIAG per week organised in form class groups through a ‘floating timetable’.

They all attend a Careers guidance interview with a trained member of the Careers Service for Northern Ireland with the focus being on delivering impartial information to assist each pupil with their Personal Career Plan

They are involved in ‘Focus on your future’ week where they gain Information, Advice and Support on A Level subject choices

They are encouraged to attend the St Columb’s College Careers Fair and engage and speak with visiting speakers, universities and industry representatives.

There is also a Parents Information evening at this Key transition point offering parents help, advice and support.

FLC STEAM / CEIAG Film Links - including list of companies that took part:

Film 1: C-TRIC (Clinical Translational Research and Information Centre); Fujitsu; and O’Neill’s’.

Film 2: E&I Engineering; Uproar Comics; Troll Inc.; and the Loughs Agency.

Film 3: GH Engineering; Allstate NI; Nuprint; and Da Vinci’s.

Film 4: Seagate Technologies; Small-town America; and MiM NI Ltd.

On Twitter link to CEIAG@stcolumbs / @Careersbeatty for latest up to date information from CEIAG in St Columb's College.

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