'Biology...is for life'

In Biology we aim to promote an enjoyment of and a respect for living organisms and the environment. We encourage pupil curiosity and develop a scientific approach to problem solving. We enable pupils to understand biological concepts and relate these to everyday life. Pupils are given the opportunity to work in groups as well as develop their skills in independent study.

Members of the Biology department

  • Mr Caolan Doran
  • Ms Brenda Duddy
  • Mrs Ursula Grimley (Head of Subject)
  • Miss Aine Moohan
  • Mr Dwyer Smyth
  • Mr John Mulhern (Technician)

GCSE – most students study Double Award Science at GCSE
The Biology component of the Double Award Science GCSE course requires students to study:
biology table 1

CCEA are currently rewriting the Double Award Science course. We will begin teaching the revised GCSE specification in September 2017. For more information on the CCEA Double Award Science Specification (including Controlled Assessment) click on the link below: www.rewardinglearning.org.uk This photograph shows some of our current Year 12 Biology students working on their Controlled Assessment task.

Biology Image 2


Biology table 2

These photographs show some of our Year 14 students working on coursework investigations

Biology image 3


Biology image 4


Biology table 3new