St Columb's College Year 8 Induction 2016

September, 2016 St Columb's College



Each student will be provided with a Smartcard as a means of identification within the school.  Your Smartcard remains the property of the school and must not be defaced or tampered with in any way. It must be replaced immediately if defaced, tampered with, lost or mislaid.


Students will use our Biometric system to pay for food in the Canteen, Link Area and to pay for stationery in the Bookpress. Students will also use the Biometric system for borrowing books from the Library. 

Students can top up their account using ParentPay, an online payment system. Once the ParentPay account is credited the student then uses the Biometric reader at the paypoint in the Canteen, Link or Bookpress to pay for what they purchase. 


All the information on how to use ParentPay will be sent out to new pupils in August with logon and password details as well as a guide on how to use the system.  Support will be provided on the use of the system during the first few days of the term.

Further information on ParentPay is available on our school website.  If you experience any difficulties in using the system, our ICT Support staff are happy to help you.

Saint Columb's College Smartcard