St Columb's College Year 8 Induction 2016

September, 2016 St Columb's College


I’m sick?

Saint Columb

If you are sick and unable to come to school your parent/guardian should ring the school office on 02871285000.

If you have missed school because of absence, on your return you must bring a note from your parent or guardian in your Year 8 Daybook.  It should say why you were absent and give the dates you were off school. 

Ensure that when you come back you catch up on the work you have missed.

If you have been off for more than a week, you may need some help to catch up on all the missed work - speak to your Form Tutor if this arises.

If you become unwell during the school day you should ask permission from your teacher to go to the Year Heads' Office at the front of the school.

If the teacher on duty deems your condition to be serious, he/she will make contact with your parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss if it is necessary for you to go home. For this reason it is essential that we have up to date contact numbers.

Pupils must not contact parent(s)/guardian(s) directly to bring them home if they are feeling unwell. For reasons of pupil safety and security the above procedures must be followed at all times.

Attendance percentages can be misleading.

100% Attendance

0 Days Missed



95% Attendance

9 Days Missed

1 Week and 4 Days of Learning Missed


90% Attendance

19 Days Missed

3 Weeks and 4 Days of Learning Missed


85% Attendance

28 Days Missed

5 Weeks and 3 Days of Learning Missed

Very Poor

80% Attendance

38 Days Missed

7 Weeks and 3 Days of Learning Missed


75% Attendance

46 Days

9 Weeks and 1 Day of Learning Missed