St Columb's College Year 8 Induction 2016

September, 2016 St Columb's College



In Year 8 you will study lots of subjects - some of which you may never have done before!

Don’t worry about this - just make sure you try your very best in all subjects.

These are the subjects which you will be studying this year:

• Art
• English
• Geography
• History
• Languages (two from French, German, Irish and Spanish)
• Learning for Life and Work (including Citizenship, Drama, Employability and Home Economics)
• Mathematics
• Music
• PE
• Religious Education
• Science
• Technology

It is difficult to remember what to bring for all the subjects, and when to bring homeworks!  Luckily, this year, most subjects will have their textbooks in a digital format stored on your iPad. To help you, you should take on board the following useful advice:

1. We will give you a Year 8 Daybook on your first day. Make your Daybook a priority - keep it neat and always with you!
2. At night, check your Daybook and pack your bag for the next day.
3. Try to complete your homeworks on the night they are set and tick them off in your Daybook when they are finished.
4. Learn to use your locker properly, so that you are not carrying all your books around at once.

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