St Columb's College Year 8 Induction 2016

September, 2016 St Columb's College


I need to be off?

Saint Columb

For part of a day:

If you need to be excused school (for example for a hospital appointment) you must have a note in your Year 8 Daybook from your parent or guardian, addressed to your Form Tutor, explaining where you are going and giving dates and times.  Your Form Tutor will then provide you with an Authorised Absence Pass. 

When it is time for you to leave school you must sign out at Reception  (showing the staff your Authorised Absence Pass).

If you need to be excused for whole day or longer, make sure that you speak to your Form Tutor well in advance of the absence and try to find out what homework you are going to miss so you have it completed on your return.

Whenever you have been away, even if it is for only half a day, you are responsible for making sure that any classwork or homework you have missed is written up and learnt.

Medical appointments should disrupt school as little as possible.  Try to ensure they are after school.

For Longer:

We would remind Parents that there is a very clear link between good attendance at school and academic achievement. We would ask you, therefore, to ensure that holidays etc., are not arranged during term time.