St Columb's College Year 8 Induction 2016

September, 2016 St Columb's College


I’ve lost my gear?

Saint Columb

It’s always good to have an idea about the value of your belongings.

Ask whoever is buying your uniform how much each piece is worth, and work out how many weeks of pocket money it would take to replace the item! This will help you to take really good care of all your belongings!

Every item should be clearly named, especially your uniform and PE kit.

Keep your school bag with you at all times, unless you are asked to leave it in a safe place.

The school cannot take any responsibility for personal items brought to school. Students are responsible for their own possessions.

If you do lose anything here’s what to do:

1. Initially go back and look in the classrooms and locker areas you have been using.

2. Go to Reception and ask if they have been handed in.

3. If nothing has been handed in then go to the Teacher in Charge of Lost Property (TBC). Lost property will be open at the following times:

8.50 a.m. - 9.10 a.m. Monday to Friday

3.30 p.m. - 3.50 p.m. Monday to Friday

  • There will be a bi-monthly lost property list placed in your registration folder.
  • It will normally take 1-2 days for lost items to appear in Lost Property.

4. If you lose your bus pass, staff at Reception will help you apply for a replacement.