St Columb's College Year 8 Induction 2016

September, 2016 St Columb's College


Don’t forget…

Saint Columb

As you will know already, in any school it is essential that you co-operate with staff and other pupils.  This is important as we all expect you to get the very best out of your time here.

This is a short list of points about the kind of behaviour expected at St Columb’s.  As you read this list try to work out the reason behind each point:

Class Time

1. Arrive at class on time, particularly after break and lunchtime.
2. Go to your classroom quickly and quietly.  Get your books out immediately and be ready to start.
3. You are expected to remain in your seat at all times, unless directed otherwise by your teacher.


1. Look after all your books carefully.  You will have to pay for any book which is lost.  All textbooks should be covered with strong paper.
2. You must not draw on or deface textbooks, exercise books or your Year 8 Daybook.
3. Do not write in a textbook unless asked to do so by the teacher.


1. Keep on the right hand side of corridors and stairwells to avoid congestion.
2. Do not run.
3. Do not  become involved in horseplay on the corridors at any time.
4. When faced with any possible congestion, pupils should seek the nearest alternative route.
5. Line up outside classrooms in an orderly queue, single file where possible.


1. Pupils should keep good order when arriving at and departing from Assemblies and all other large gatherings.
2. Pupils are to carry bags in a safe manner, and should not abandon bags or leave bags at their feet when lining up on busy corridors.  In the interests of health and safety, abandoned bags may be removed.
3. When inside classrooms or other class areas, pupils should not be standing around but should be seated on classroom chairs.  They may not sit on window sills, classroom tables or benches. Pupils are reminded that they should not become involved in horseplay at any time.  They must not interfere with blinds, school equipment (e.g. computers, audio equipment or classroom displays etc.).  They must conduct themselves as they would when a teacher is in the room.