St Columb's College Year 8 Induction 2016

September, 2016 St Columb's College


The Daybook

All pupils at St. Columb’s are issued with a special notebook each year. In Year 8 this is called a Daybook. The Year 8 Daybook makes many of the day-to-day tasks easier for everyone to achieve.

As well as containing loads of really useful information, one of the most important uses of the Year 8 Daybook is for writing down your homeworks. All pupils have the responsibility to record each of their homeworks in their Daybook. When you get home you will be able to check your Daybook for what work needs to be done. It is really important that you develop this practice – it will help a great deal with your learning – and will prevent you forgetting to do any homeworks!

Saint Columb's College Daybook

Another purpose of the Year 8 Daybook is to help communication between school and home. For example, if you were absent from school someday then there is a place in the Daybook for a parent/guardian to write an explanation. There is also a place for notes for medical appointments.

Your teachers will also use the Daybook to make a comment on your efforts from time to time. At the end of each week your parent/guardian should check your Daybook and sign it at the place for their signature. Make sure that you remember to give your Daybook to your parent/guardian for their check/signature!

At the start of each class make sure you have your Daybook on the desk ready for use. It is really important that you keep your Daybook up to date and tidy. Never doodle or graffiti on your Daybook.