Welcome To
The Sixth Form


Entry into the Sixth Form of St Columb’s College marks a significant point in your life. You are moving on from the system of multiple subjects that you have been used to since your first days in St Columb’s to a position where you will be studying just three or four subjects. You are becoming one of the school’s senior pupils, a role model for all the years below you. Above all, you are entering into the challenges of A2 study, a move that will have a significant impact on the direction that your life will take once you complete your final A2 examinations. Just like most of your GCSE subjects where you sat examinations at the end of two years study, in Sixth Form you will face external examinations at the end of Year 14. Do not be complacent though as the work must start at once! The Sixth Form Pastoral Programme has been developed to assist you with this period of transition. The Programme will also help you with the development of the skills necessary to help you plan appropriately for your career post St Columb’s. Your comments and suggestions about the content of the Programme will help us with a process of continual improvement so please don’t be afraid to give feedback. This web-site is designed to present you with a range of useful information as you begin your senior studies. Please browse carefully, making use of the information provided. I would like to conclude by wishing you every success as you begin your A Level programme. Please remember that a full range of support is available to you at all times from your Form Tutor and classroom teachers through your Year Head to myself. I encourage you to speak to any of us at any time you feel it is necessary.
J Johnston
Senior Teacher (Post-16)