Welcome To
Key Stage Four

Entry into Key Stage 4 marks a significant stage in your life at St Columb’s College. You are moving from what might be described as the security of Key Stage 3 to enter into the challenges of GCSE study.


The Key Stage 4 website aims to introduce you to this new phase of your school career and provides you with information on the main events and dates that you should be aware of. It also provides you with information on key school rules and other information that should enable you to thrive in Years 11 and 12.


While you will sit your final GCSE examinations at the end of Year 12, you will be sitting modules and controlled assessments in some subjects during Year 11 and 12. It will be important that you perform to your full potential and in order to help you balance the pressures that you may face, you will be provided with a schedule that spreads the different subject deadlines out.


The Key Stage 4 Pastoral Programme has been developed to assist you with this period of transition. The Programme will also assist you with the development of the Careers skills necessary to help you plan appropriately for A Level and your career post St Columb’s. Your comments and suggestions about the content of the Programme will help us with a process of continual improvement.


I would like to conclude by wishing you every success as you begin your GCSE studies. Please remember that a full range of support is available to you from your Form Tutor through your Year Head to myself. I encourage you to speak to any of us at any time and wish you the best of luck for the next two years of your school career.


Martin McIlveen

Senior Teacher (Key Stage 4)