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BBC News School Report

By Adam Beales 11L.

I have had an amazing experience in this annual edition of the BBC News School Report. Our school report team consists of eight members: Adam Beales, Ronan Foley, Jack Ward, Shay Doherty, Alex Doherty, Louis Kerr, Daire Hutton, Mark McGinty. Our supervisor, Miss F Blee has also guided us through the annual event and helped us along the way.

Our first day training with the BBC News team gave us an insight as to what really happens behind the scenes at the BBC. I found the day very interesting and I did not believe the amount of work that went in to making a news programme. We spent the day appointing roles, writing articles and filming the packages. The BBC News team gave us useful tips for the future and all of us will treasure this experience.

On our second trip, we went on a trip to the Q102 headquarters. The day taught us about the work that goes into making a radio station. Our school report team had multiple curious questions of how a radio station really works. We saw the editing of the audio tracks, the presenting of the programme and how to acquire a classic radio voice. Our school report team went away learning lots of new skills on radio.

This year, for our third and final trip of the BBC News School Report, I have gone in front of the camera. I have chosen to do this as I have always been behind the camera and working with the technicalities of the event, so instead, this year, as a change I wanted to experience the roles and responsibilities of a news presenter. From my experience, I have enjoyed the change of roles and the job intrigued me and made me work to the best of my abilities. This year I have also helped write numerous articles for the day and also presented the weather. For a short period of the day, I also worked behind the camera and acted as a cameraman. By far, this has been the best year for me working in the BBC News School Report. I would encourage anyone who is interested in the media sector to join the BBC News School Report as it is a fantastic and educational experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed the day and I was pleased with my first time performance of a presenter. I hope to do this brilliant event again next year and I urge anyone in school to join this special event next year.


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